Saturday, August 25, 2012

Waterfalls ~ Capturing the Silk.

Capturing water in  motion gives a wonderful silky effect :


To get the above effect use a slow shutter speed. There are other tricks you will have to use as well :

  1. Use a tripod to prevent camera shake during the slow shutter speed.
  2. Use a dark ND8 Filter to increase shutter time.

  3. ND8 Filter

  4. Set the Drive Mode to "2 sec self timer" to prevent camera shake due to pressing the  shutter button .
  5. Lock up the mirror to prevent camera vibration. Change Custom Function III - 5 to 'Enable'.
  6. Change Mode Dial to Tv or Shutter Priority.
  7. Set shutter speed to around 1/4 sec. Experiment with slow speed settings.
  8. Press shutter button halfway and check exposure.
  9. Press shutter button completely to swing up the mirror.
  10. Press shutter button completely again to take the picture and then the mirror will go down.


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