Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Photography beginnings...

My father gifted my cousin a Russian twin lens reflex film camera circa 1970. Thus started our long association with photography.

My new toy camera: Lubitel 2

We had a lot of fun with that camera. As you can see from the above picture it has two lenses - one takes the picture and the other is used to view and compose the shot. It was not until we stared earning that we could afford a single lens reflex film camera.

Pentax K1000

A SLR camera enables you to capture exactly what you see through the viewfinder since it has a mirror and a pentaprism in it to direct the light rays to your eyes. The human eye is nature's camera but more about that in another post.....

The digital era ushered in the DSLR camera which differs from a SLR camera in that it has no film in it. Instead images are saved on to memory storage cards and transferred to computers later.

canon 60D

A DSLR camera enables you to experiment a lot without wasting a lot of money on developing and printing photographs. You can immediately delete bad photographs to make space for new ones on your memory card. Here is one of mine :


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